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Zedazeni Brewery Presents: Georgia’s Victory History

Published: June 25, 2012 | 9:39 am
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Beer with National Pride


New era of Georgian beer production has started with Zedazeni Brewery. Team of professionals with long-time experience in beer-making technologies launched a new brewery in the village of Saguramo.

Zedazeni Brewery is a hundred percent Georgian company, established with 70 million local investment. The company currently employs 700 people. National inspiration of the new Georgian beer makers is obvious in the advertising campaign of Zedazeni beer.

If you don’t know your past you cannot create your future, – this is the value Zedazeni team believes in. The company revived the most significant moments of Georgian history. TV commercial of the Zedazeni fight scene soon became the most popular video on social networks.

“Our advertising campaign is a kind of travel back to the history, recalling the stories our country prides with most,” declared Kakha Paichadze, Commercial Director of Zedazeni Brewery.

According to Paichadze, Zedazeni fight scene TV commercial has already drawn feedback. “Lots of Georgians are now familiar with the story of Zedazeni victory,” he said. “It is important to mention that, historically, Georgians in the mountains always drank beer to celebrate the victory.”

Zedazeni Brewery, as the Commercial Director says, these two words bring together the whole idea of national pride: respect to the past, Georgian character, leadership, pride, Georgian capital, unique water, professionalism and belief in future. “All that has impressed even European specialists already,” he noted.

Before launching the TV commercial, Zedazeni team conducted a social research and found that the society was lack of national inspirational ads. Paichadze says, Zedazeni fight scene commercial proved to be a success and the company will continue working in this direction. “It’s our job as of Georgians to promote Georgian history.”

“Georgian product for us means a quality product, competitive on international markets. Currently, Zedazeni exports its production to 12 countries and this number will be increased up to 30 by the end of the year. We already managed to bring a new quality on the local market, totally meeting European standards. Zedazeni mountain water gives our beer a special unique flavor. Our foreign suppliers are: German GlobalMalt, Wierman and Hopsteiner,” said Paichadze.

According to Khatuna Mikatsadze, Public Relations Manager of Zedazeni Brewery, Zedazeni fight scene commercial was followed by a big positive response on social networks. “We’re doing a Georgian job and we do it with great responsibility,” she said. “Zedazeni plant was built in 7 months and in the first two months of operations it has already occupied a significant niche on the local market. All that is thanks to the team of the experienced professionals working for Zedazeni and the latest technologies installed in the brewery. Czech and German specialists constantly work on the quality issues of our production, which is the guarantee that Zedazeni will always be the top Georgian beer and non-alcoholic drink brand.”





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