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Women’s Rights on the Labour Market

Published: October 15, 2013 | 12:55 pm
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What effect will the new initiatives regarding the Labour Code have upon the labour market? TV3 has found out that the Ministries of Justice and Health are reviewing new initiatives regarding women’s labour rights. There are also plans to establish a new body to conduct inspections on the labour market. The Vice-President of the National Association of Employers Mikheil Kordzaia has stated that legislative changes alone are not enough to resolve women’s issues, which ought to be reviewed as part of a special policy. According to him, social services have to become proactive in order to resolve the issues, while limiting women’s activity on the labour market and establishing a body for controlling business will have a negative effect.
In contrast, the Deputy Chairman of the Trade Unions Gocha Aleksandria has stated that the existing regulations do not offer enough protection for women’s rights, and that work needs to be done in this regard to achieve international standards. According to him, the establishment of a control body is also necessary to resolve labour safety issues. Furthermore, a 48 hour working week is inappropriate for certain professions, Mr. Aleksandria has added.

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