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Will Liberty Bank be Replaced as the Issuer of Pensions from 2015?

Published: August 21, 2013 | 9:58 am
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Which bank will serve pensioners and socially vulnerable citizens from 2015 onwards? Liberty Bank will continue to serve these groups until the end of 2014. Since the change in government, there has been talk about the possibility of Liberty Bank ceasing to be the only institution to issue pensions. Several other banks were considered as candidates for the task. However, the head of the Health Ministry’s Social Agency has told TV3 that the organisation is fully satisfied with Liberty Bank’s work, and is not planning to work with other banks at this stage.
The head of the agency also claims not to have received any complaints from the public regarding the service provided by Liberty Bank, although customers still have to stand in long queues to obtain their pensions. Who might replace Liberty Bank as the main issuer of pensions, and whether a replacement will be sought at all, has not been clarified by the head of the Social Agency, who states that these matters will depend upon the new tender.

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