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Who owns the National Bank’s Historic Building?

Published: July 30, 2013 | 10:16 am
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The former President of the National Bank Irakli Managadze has made a controversial statement, claiming that he suspects that the previous government sold off the Bank’s historic building, or at least had plans to do so. Mr. Managadze has made a statement to the Svobodnaya Gruzia newspaper in this regard. In December last year, the National Bank moved its headquarters to the Public Service Hall. While Mr. Managadze admits that the new location might be more convenient, according to him, this does not mean that under any circumstances the historic building should be sold off. In response to TV3’s enquiry, Mr. Managadze has declined to name the source which he relied upon in making the statement, but has urged the media and the public to show interest towards the issue. Mr. Managadze states that his aim is not to name names, but to preserve the National Bank’s historic building.
A spokesman for the National Bank has told TV3 that the historic building is under the State’s ownership, and redirected us to the Ministry of the Economy for a comment. The Ministry, however, has claimed not to have the knowledge of specific details relating to this case.

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