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What is the Money from Tbilisi’s Budget spent on?

Published: July 1, 2013 | 8:08 am
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How were the millions allocated from the capital city’s budget being spent? From 2005 until the present, the Old Town Rehabilitation and Development Fund, and the Tbilisi Development Fund have received sums totalling over 633 million GEL. This number has been provided by the Young Lawyers Association of Georgia. A member of the Association has told TV3 that these funds were being spent in a non-transparent manner. His statement is echoed by the member of the Tbilisi City Council Zaza Gabunia, who claims that money and documents were removed from the development funds following last October’s parliamentary elections. These actions, according to Mr. Gabunia, put the activities of the development and rehabilitation funds under question.

A report prepared by the Young Lawyers Association of Georgia identifies signs of corruption within the activities of the development funds. The report states that the annual financial accounts submitted by these organisations have not been made public by the Mayor’s Office, despite having been ordered to do so by the courts. The activities of the rehabilitation and development funds have also drawn the Chief Prosecutor’s attention, who says that there is a large-scale investigation going on regarding this issue.

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