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What Attracts Russian Tourists to Georgia?

Published: August 1, 2013 | 9:18 am
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According to the National Torism Administration statistics, the number of Russian visitors to Georgia has increased by 68% compared to the previous year. Siko Gegadze, an advisor to the Chairman of the Tourism Agency, states that Georgia hosted 260 000 Russian tourists this year. He adds that the abolition of visa requirements for Russian nationals has greatly contributed to the increase in visitor numbers.
A spokesman for the Russian travel agency TEZ International confirms that visa-free travel has been one of the contributing factors towards the increase in Russian tourist activity. He cites the scheduling of regular flights to Tbilisi and Batumi as another factor. Representatives from another Russian travel agency Fantazia have also been speaking about the increasing numbers of Russian visitors to Georgia, stating that the latter meets all international requirements in terms of infrastructure and service.

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