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Tusheti on the Fifth Position of Yahoo Travel

Published: April 9, 2012 | 8:20 pm
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Georgia`s one of the remotest regions, Tusheti has been nominated among 12 best places around the world. 12 Best Places You`ve Never Heard of , the rating of the most desirable places for travelling,  was published by Yahoo travel. Tusheti is on the fifth position of the best places around the globe. Its nomination was recommended by a famous tourist company Wild Frontier, the founder Jonny Bealby has visited Tusheti. Bealby says he has never seen similar beauty anywhere before. Bealby describes Georgian people as the most hospitable nation.

“You won’t want to go to Tusheti if you’re afraid of heights. Hidden deep in the Caucasus Mountains, the region’s villages cling to dizzyingly steep slopes that are as picturesque as they are precarious. That’s all part of the allure to Bealby. Of Georgia’s Tusheti region, the inveterate adventurer describes a land “with centuries-old defensive towers, mountaintop castles, and stone shrines,” some of which, like Guest House Lamata, are being transformed into basic lodgings with simple wooden furniture. Newly open to visitors after the dissolution of the USSR and Georgia’s Rose Revolution of 2003, Tusheti can now be explored on foot or from the saddle of a sure-footed horse. There are sheep grazing in almost every nook and cranny, from the rolling grasslands up near the ridged peaks down to the glacial lakes below them and all around the gorges coursing with white-water streams. You’ll also pass through hamlets like Shenako, with a rough-hewn stone church and houses adorned with lacy wood balconies. At night, you’ll be well entertained by the locals, whom Bealby describes as “the most hospitable and fun people in the world,” is said in the description.




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