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The Rules of Using School Textbooks

Published: August 23, 2013 | 1:39 pm
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Why is the process of looking after the school textbooks being assessed on a 15 point scale? The Deputy Education Minister Lia Gigauri has told TV3 that bilateral agreements will be signed between schools and parents. She adds that the new methodology of looking after the textbooks has been developed on the back of consultations with experts, teachers and parents, and it aims to aid the skill development of the schoolchildren.
The free textbooks have already been printed, and are stored in schools. The Public School Nr.64 director Tamar Mamsikashvili has told TV3 that should any textbooks be found to be in an inadequate condition to begin with, then they will be sent back to the publishers. As for the main rules for the pupils to look after the textbooks, they concern the condition of the cover and the pages.
The director of the Strategic Research Centre Natela Sakhokia has disagreed with the Education Ministry’s new initiative, stating that this is a much too complex and flawed process.

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