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The Future of Saakashvili’s Residence will be Decided by the Government

Published: September 11, 2013 | 11:08 am
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The fate of the Presidential Residence in Avlabari is currently uncertain. Its future role will be decided by the government. The construction of a new residence on Atoneli Street has been halted. The Ministry of Infrastructure has cancelled the contract with the company Arte, which was conducting the new residence project. The Minister of Infrastructure Davit Narmania has explained this decision by the fact that the company fell far behind the schedule. According to him, the new administration had presented Arte with a new project plan, yet the company once again fell behind. The total cost of the project was GEL 21 million, of which GEL 16 500 000 were taken up by Arte, but only a small amount of work was completed.
Malkhaz Alavidze, the Director General of Arte, currently does not intend to appeal the Infrastructure Ministry’s decision in court. According to him, negotiations are ongoing, and it is still possible for Arte to continue managing the construction project.
The Ministry of Infrastructure will soon choose the company that will take over the task of constructing the new residence. However, the country’s next President will in any case have to work from the State Chancellery until the summer of 2014.

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