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Tbilisi Mayor Did Not appear for Questioning, Investigation Service Visited him at Job

Published: February 4, 2013 | 9:45 am
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Prosecutors visited Tbilisi City Hall since Tbilisi Mayor did not show up for interrogation at the Investigation Service of Ministry of Finance of Georgia on February 2, at 4 pm.

Tbilisi Mayor was asked to appear at 13:00 on February 2, but didn’t come. Representatives of the investigative service called him in by handing him a formal written request on February 1 evening delivered at home, because business hours were over at the mayor’s office.

In an interview with Rustavi 2 broadcasting company on February 1 evening, Ugulava said it is unclear to him why the document was delivered so late.

He said he already has plans for the day and he could not change his schedule to come for questioning, but he would wait for an investigator at 16 pm at his office and answer all his questions.

“If this time doesn’t suit investigators, on Sunday (February 3) I leave for a conference together with the President of Georgia and when I return we will agree on the form of our next contact. If anyone has illusions that I am leaving and won’t come back, I will tell them that I cannot grant such a pleasure to Ivanishvili, Kbilashvili, Tsulukiani and the others,” Mayor said.

Reportedly, Gigi Ugulava was questioned into the case of alleged misspending of GEL 5.2 million by the capital city’s municipality. Tbilisi Mayor was interrogated regarding the machinations revealed in the work of the municipal Ltd. Tbilservice Group.

Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava has published a special statement in response to the interview given by the Chief Prosecutor regarding his interrogation. Mayor stated the activities and the statements of the prosecutor exceed his duties and authorities and he in fact represents himself as a political prosecutor.

“He considers himself a political prosecutor, which confirms the political motives of the investigation regarding this case, which is to scare and blackmail everyone, who supported the United National Movement.

As for facts and circumstances, the fact that the prosecutor exemplified the combined tax of electricity and garbage collection as the proof of the allegation, confirms that he tries to manipulate with public view and disguise the real goals of the investigation.

In addition, the prosecutor shows his superstitious knowledge of his investigation carried out by his office. He intentionally tries to forge the facts, when says that the investigation coincides with the time when the combined tax was enforced. According to the investigation service of the ministry of finance, it becomes clear that the suspicions refer to the case dated to December 31, 2009 and even with naked eye it is seen that there can be no ties between the two facts, because the new combined tax was enforced in July 1, 2011. These facts show that under the instruction of Ivanishvili (prime minister), Kbilashvili was turned the investigation into an ugly instrument for fighting against the persons with unacceptable political views,” Mayor wrote in the statement.


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