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Tbilaviamsheni Case Still Unresolved

Published: October 17, 2013 | 1:49 pm
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A deal which was struck at the Ministry of the Economy, and property which remains in the ministry’s possession in spite of the change in government – the case concerns the company Tbilaviamsheni. Former shareholders appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office straight after the most recent parliamentary elections. A year later, these shareholders are still the only ones who have been questioned with regards to this case. The former owners of Tbilaviamsheni have accused the Prosecutor’s Office of intentionally delaying the investigation process. Former shareholder Kakha Zhghenti has attributed the failure to resolve the issue to the continued cohabitation between the old and the new administrations. According to him, the Ministry of the Economy is using the expiry of the Statute of Limitations as an excuse for not returning the assets to the previous owners.
Lika Tsiklauri of the Young Lawyers Association, who is representing the interests of the former Tbilaviamsheni shareholders, has stated that the Ministry of the Economy is awaiting the results of the investigation. More specifically, the ministry is willing to have the assets returned to the former owners if it proven that the latter had these assets forcibly taken away from them. According to Ms. Tsiklauri, the first court session on the Tbilaviamsheni case is scheduled for 21 October.
Tbilaviamsheni is the largest aircraft manufacturing company in the Caucasus region, with 60 years of experience in the field. It has been owned by the Ministry of the Economy since 2010.

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