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Tax Revenue Plan Exceeded Performance

Published: April 3, 2013 | 11:24 am
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(CNA)-Tax revenues of the consolidated budget in the first quarter of 2013 exceeded performance plan by GEL 63,5 million compared to 2012 analogue data.
In March 2013, GEL 745.5 million tax revenues were mobilized within the consolidated budget, which is GEL 41.5 million increase compared to March, 2012 indicator. Tax revenues showed growth in January and February of the current year as well. In February the amount made –GEL 408.3 million, which is GEL 12.0 million increase compared to February, 2012 results. In January tax revenues made GEL 461.8 million, GEL 10.1 million more. Tax revenues of the consolidated budget in the first quarter of 2013 made GEL 1 615.5 million, which is GEL 63,5 million increase compared to 2012 analogue data. State budget tax revenues, which made GEL 1 553,5 million showed GEL 55.3 million increase In January-March, 2013 compared to 2012 analogue data.
Positive tendency is maintained in terms of the number of the checks issued through control cash machines and the amount of money directed to the state budget:
March, 2013-71,875, 232, March, 2012-68,917,607, February, 2013-61, 034, 985, February, 2012-59, 120,191, January, 2013-63,846,271, January, 2012-37,616, 560. The number of checks issued in the first quarter of 2013 made196, 756 488, which is around 32 million increase compared to the first quarter results of 2012.
March, 2013-GEL-1 345million, March, 2012-GEL 1,170 million, February, 2013-GEL 1,171 million, February, 2012-GEL 1,019 million, January, 2013- GEL 1,167 million, January, 2012-GEL 677 million. The amount of money issued through the checks in the first quarter of 2013 made GEL 3,683 million while this indicator in the first quarter results of 2012 was GEL 2,866.
In the first three months of 2013 export indicator showed growth and made USD 398 million equivalents in Laries, which is USD 16 million increase compared to the analogue data in 2012.
In the first quarter of 2013, according to the preliminary data, consolidated budget surplus made GEL 180.5 million (based on IMF classification GFSM-1986). Analogue indicator in 2012 was GEL 168, 8 million.
Budget performance and positive tendencies of macroeconomic parameters confirm that the country has improved its economic environment; business activity is increased, including the turnover of small and medium size enterprises. First quarter, 2013 data show that budget performance will face no problems and the government will fulfill its obligations.

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