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Tax Increases for Borjomi and Nabeghlavi

Published: July 11, 2013 | 2:19 pm
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The Parliament has made a decision to increase taxes on the Borjjomi and Nabeghlavi products. It will represent a 300% increase for both of these companies. The government has explained that only a small amount of each bottled product is being taxed, and they therefore do not expect the manufacturers to have their expenses significantly altered. TV3 has asked whether the tax increase will lead to the Borjomi and Nabeghlavi products becoming more expensive. A spokesman for Nabeghlavi has said that while a definite answer cannot be given yet, they do expect a small increase in price, since in addition to the tax increase, they also face additional labelling expenses. The spokesman says that the company will aim to keep the price of its products at its minimum, and does not expect it to increase by more than 10 Tetri per bottle. Borjomi has declined to comment on the matter at this point.

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