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Symantec is unmoved by Norton Anti Virus source release

Published: March 12, 2012 | 11:02 am
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SECURITY FIRM Symantec was expecting hacker group Anonymous to release the source code for its 2006 Norton Anti Virus product.

The hackers had already leaked code from Symantec when the firm told us that it was expecting a further release from the group.

“Symantec is aware of the claims made by Anonymous that it has recently posted source code for the 2006 version of Norton Antivirus. We are still in the process of analyzing the code to confirm its authenticity,” it told the INQUIRER late Friday.

“We anticipate that at some point, Anonymous will also post the code for the 2006 version of Norton Internet Security, which they also claim to possess. As we have already stated publicly, this is old code, and Symantec and Norton customers will not be at an increased risk as a result of any further disclosure related to these 2006 products.”
Shortly afterwards code from Norton Anti Virus appeared online, an event that was celebrated by the hacktivists but batted away by the security firm.

“Everyone’s known Norton/Symantec’s been a complete joke for.. well forever but LOL @Symantec u mad?”, said the @Anonpress Twitter account. “This past week #Anonymous released Symantec src, defaced police & security firm sites, and took down the Vatican. Who said it was weakened?” added @Youranonnews.

Symantec quickly responded to the leak on Twitter, confirming that the release was its code, but adding that it would not affect its users.

“Source code for 2006 versions of NAV posted by Anonymous is authentic but poses no increased risk to our users,” it said.


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