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Suicide Bomber Attacked Leading Georgian Base in Helmand province of Afghanistan

Published: June 6, 2013 | 6:54 pm
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(CNA)- Suicide Terrorist Attacked Leading Georgian Base in Helmand province of Afghanistan. The terrorist attack has victims. According to the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, seven Georgian military servants are dead and nine are wounded, their life is not in danger.

“I’ve been to Afghanistan several times during the last few years and I had the opportunity to meet our soldiers. I know how proud they are of the mission they’re conducting there, how bravely they act daily, every minute, day and night. Several months ago I personally witnessed how our base got attacked in same Helmand province and how consistently and bravely our soldiers fought against the attackers, defending the dignity of their homeland heads up.

According to the President, such attack is taking place for the second time already within the last few weeks. “It was on May 13 when the previous attack took place, with almost same scenario. “By then we also had victims, soldiers got wounded. Then I visited Afghanistan and met with 42 battalion soldiers, people who heroically fought against attackers. This is a hard mission and it’s going to an end in 2014. Still, the closer is the end the harder, more challenging and threatening it becomes for Georgian bases located n Afghanistan,” stated Saakashvili.


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