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Students Struggling to Pay Tuition Fees

Published: October 8, 2013 | 4:19 pm
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Students are struggling to pay high tuition fees. Teona Khazhonia is one of the students who have appealed to the university, requesting to be allowed to pay the fees in several monthly instalments. According to her, financial difficulties at home prevent her from being able to pay the whole sum in advance, and for 3 years, she has been benefiting from the option to pay in instalments at the Ilia University.
The administration at the Ilia State University has confirmed the existence of problems in this regard. According to the head of administration Zurab Javakhishvili, an increasing number of students have requested to be allowed to pay tuition fees at a later date, or in several monthly instalments. He attributes the students’ unstable financial situation to the economic difficulties in the country.
Archil Gamzardia, a social communications expert and a lector at the Ilia University, has spoken about the seriousness of the social problems in the country. According to him, the State ought to design a flexible system which will enable all students to pay their tuition fees. Alternative ways of funding the tuition fees, such as grants and student financing programmes, ought to be found, Mr. Gamzardia has added.

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