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SOON The Whole World Will Drink Lagidze Waters

Published: October 2, 2012 | 1:35 pm
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Georgian Lemonade to Cover Western, Australian and Arab Markets

Note: Tikhvinsky Lemonade Factory – Lagidze Waters is allowed to sell only bottled lemonades on the Western markets.

Tikhvinsky Lemonade Factory – Lagidze Waters will enter the U.S, French and Canadian markets in November 2012, according to the information provided by Malkhaz Dzimistarashvili, General Director of the factory, to CT.

“On October 20 we will complete the certification process of the lemonade and starting from November the product will be exported to the Western market. In this case the exported product will be already bottled lemonade,” declared Dzimistarashvili. According to him, due to the export market expansion, expiration date of Lagidze Lemonade, which was limited to a months, has been increased by using special technologies and pasteurization. “We already produce lemonades with 3-months expiration date. As for the Western market, considering the fact that it takes a ship 30-45 days to transport goods to the U.S, 7-months expiration date lemonades will be produced.”

As the General Director of Tikhvinsky Factory said, Lagidze Lemonades have restored the old label- Kremlin Supplier (Поставщик Кремля) since June 22, 2012. Lagidze Waters has undergone a number of checking before gaining the status of the Kremlin Supplier.

Dzimistarashvili noted that Australia, Arab countries, Israel and Greece have expressed interest in Lagidze Waters. “We’ve already received an order from Adelaide, Australia. Arab countries have also contacted us. Each country has different demand. For instance, Arabs require lemonade cans.”

The construction of Tikhvinsky Lemonade Factory – Lagidze Waters took 10 years and cost USD 50 million. As Dzimistarashvili claims, it is the biggest lemonade factory in Russia. Further expansion and technological update of the factory is an ongoing process.

Tornike Lagidze, General Director of Lagidze Waters, owns no information on Tikhvinsky Lemonade Factory – Lagidze Waters product export to the Western markets.

Nana Chakhaia, Deputy Director of Lagidze Waters, doesn’t exclude export plans by Tikhvinsky Lemonade Factory – Lagidze Waters. In her words, based on the contract, the factory is allowed to sell the production outside Russia, however it refers only to bottled lemonades.

Lagidze Waters is a popular Georgian lemonade, named after Mitrofan Lagidze, a pharmacist’s apprentice in Kutaisi, Georgia, who in 1887 explored the idea of using natural syrups instead of imported flavored essences in making lemonades. In 1900, the Lagidze Brothers plant in Kutaisi began blending unique proprietary flavors from herbs and fruits. For years Lagidze Waters has been the most famous lemonade producer in Georgia. However, with the new brands entering the market, the old Georgian lemonade got replaced.

Lagidze Waters was not affected by the 2006 Russian embargo. Trademark, granted to the Georgian lemonade by the Madrid Convention, is envisioned for the Russian market. According to Chakhaia, this is why Gennady Onishenko, the Russian Federation’s Chief Sanitary Officer could not manage to put an embargo on Lagidze Waters.

“10-year agreement was signed with Tikhvinsky factory in 2004. Lagidze Waters provides the factory with two 14-tones vehicles of syrups twice a week. Bottled lemonade cannot be kept for more than a month because it’s a natural product, containing no chemicals or additives,” she noted. Nana says syrups by Lagidze Waters is the only exception sold legally in Russia, exported directly and without the need to pass other countries first. However, Dzimistarashvili said that the syrups are exported to Russia via the third country. “Syrups are exported to Russia either through Tbilisi-Bako-Makhachkala or by sea route- Odesa-Kiev. The contact envisions direct export route, but the third country is involved.”

“Tikhvinsky factory receives syrups from Lagidze Waters officially and then pours it into bottles together with the Tikvin artesian well water. The factory is allowed to export bottled lemonade outside Russia. According to the contract, Tikhvinsky factory has no right to sell syrups to the third party,” explained Chakhaia.

As she later added, no official discussion has been held between Laghidze Waters and Tikvin Factory about the production export from Russia to the Western markets. As Nana noted, this subject was mentioned only as an idea.

Kremlin demanded Lagidze Waters is sold in Tbilisi only at several locations, which is a far small volume compared to the Russian export indicator. According to the Deputy General Director, 90% of Lagidze Waters syrups is exported to Russia.

Nana claims that after the selling of Lagidze Waters outlet at Rustaveli Ave., the sale-purchase agreement chapter on maintaining its profile for the next 20 years has been violated. Tornike Laghidze’s appeal to purchase the Rustaveli Ave. outlet was not satisfied, the reason named was that it is a cultural monument.

Chakhaia believes that Laghidze Waters is blocked in Georgia and that’s why the company was urged to find an alternative market.

Laghidze Waters plans to continue partnership with Tikvin Factory when the contact is expired.




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