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Situation on the non-alcoholic Drinks Market

Published: July 25, 2013 | 8:48 am
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The Association of Non-Alcoholic Drinks Manufacturers has been speaking about the dangers of the recent tax increase on water, and has emphasised a lack of communication between the Parliament and companies. Soso Galumashvili, a consultant for the Association, has pointed out that the Parliament never interfered with the recently introduced unconstitutional legislation, which saw two companies – Borjomi and Nabeghlavi – singled out for a review in license terms. He states that such discriminatory actions harm not only the two companies in question, but the mineral water market as a whole. Mr. Galumashvili adds that recently, Turkish companies have been importing mineral water into Adjara at dumping prices, and there is a real danger that within 2-3 years, Georgian mineral water will no longer be sold in the West of the country.
In response, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Branch Economy Zurab Tkemaladze has stated that Borjomi and Nabeghlavi hold a monopoly on the Georgian mineral water market, therefore rendering any talk about discrimination pointless. He adds that there is no lack of communication between the Parliament and the companies, and that the Association of Non-Alcoholic Drinks Manufacturers has never attempted to contact the Commission.

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