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‘She’s a black widow, manipulative and a liar’: The Bachelor girls reduce Courtney Robertson to tears on reunion show as she pleads for forgiveness

Published: March 6, 2012 | 8:48 am
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She was tonight described by host Chris Harrison as ‘one of the most controversial contestants in Bachelor history.’

But Courtney Robertson’s efforts to do some damage control to her tarnished image wasn’t exactly successful tonight as she was left in tears by Bachelor contestants on the ‘Women Tell All’ reunion show.

The California based model who will next week compete for Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s heart against fellow finalist Lindzi, was visibly nervous as she arrived at the studio to be interviewed by host Harrison.

‘I wish they could have got to know me better and I just want to say sorry,’ she told the assembled group. ‘I’m sorry for the things I’ve said and if I hurt my feelings. I’m not a mean spirited person.
‘lt brought out the worst in me and I can’t apologise enough. I really can’t.’
Many of the women including Emily O’Brien and Blakeley Shea came down hard on Courtney, with waitress Blakeley demanding to know what she had done for Courtney to call her a ‘stripper.’

And when an embarrassed Courtney gazed into the distance, Blakely continued: ‘Courtney, I’m trying to be nice to you and you’re not even looking at me. You said I was a stripper on national television and it hurt my feelings.
‘This is what I wanted. I wanted you to say, “Blakeley, I really take that back.”‘
Reduced to tears, Courtney replied: ‘I’m sorry. I take it all back. I thought I did the best I could.’
Emily O’Brien also took a turn to question Courtney over her behaviour, referring to Courtney’s refusal to accept an apology from her on one episode.

‘Looking back, I wish I could have done things differently in accepting your apology,’ Courtney acknowledged, admitting she had been too ‘defensive.’
However, Emily didn’t accept Courtney’s claim that she found it ‘difficult’ to live in the house with the girls and that she had merely been ‘trying to keep my head above water.’
‘Did we all react by making these jabs and being negative and rude to everyone?’ she told the 28-year-old model. ‘No, we made friendships to support one another and get through it and Courtney did exactly the opposite.’

When asked if the girls’ comments were fair, a tearful Courtney replied: ‘I think they were totally fair. I have many regrets. Just living in a house with girls. I felt they didn’t like me. I came into this not wanting to have confrontation at all.’
Courtney also mentioned the backlash she and her family have been receiving in the media.
‘It’s been really hard, to say the least,’ she said. ‘Not in a million years did I expect for it to turn out like this.
‘This is the hardest thing I’ve had to go through. Nobody gives you a manual on how to be on The Bachelor. I’m going through real emotions. I don’t like being torn apart in the tabloids. It was awful. I didn’t think it through. If I could have done, I would have handled it differently’

Before Courtney arrived in the studio, the other eliminated contestants had been asked by Harrison what she thought of Courtney, with Kacie Boguskie labelling her ‘the black widow’.
‘She was a split personality,’ she said. ‘She acts one way around us and one way around him and I didn’t know who to believe. In the end, I hope she’s the way she is around him for his sake.’
Blakely added: ‘I’m real and she’s not. if I said something to hurt someone’s feelings. I never said one nasty word about her. I just chose to focus on Ben.’

‘The problem I have watching the show is she says ‘I’ve tried with the girls, but she hasn’t,’ said Nicki Sterling, while Monica Spannbauer labelled Courtney ‘a liar, manipulative, hurtful and mean.’
Emily said: ‘I think with Rachel, Kacie and Ben, she was irresistible to be honest. On the group date, she was so nice to me. I thought “I was so wrong about this girl,” which is why I apologised and then she threw it back in my face.
‘Does Courtney know love? Does she have a heart? I don’t think so. I think it could’ve been Joe Shmoe sitting in that seat and Courtney would’ve done her damnedest to make sure that she got the final rose.’

Only Casey Shteamer had a good word to say about Courtney: ‘She has been an incredible sweet, sincere friend to me,’ she said. ‘I think she felt uncomfortable.’
Earlier, Emily had taken the hot seat to talk to Harrison about Courtney, who she believes ended up affecting her relationship with Ben when she told him what she thought about Courtney’s ‘real’ character.
‘I really liked Ben coming into this,’ she said. ‘I felt things were progressing with us. Once I talked about Courtney, there was a negative piece in our relationship which I couldn’t undo. He closed off from that point.’
She also criticised Ben for going skinny dipping with Courtney in the Puerto Rico episode.

‘You need to have an element of respect for everyone else that was there,’ she said. ‘You’re clouding your own mind. You’re not thinking of a relationship anymore.
‘At the same time, I wouldn’t want to end up with somebody who would fall from something that Courtney was putting forward.’
However, Harrison reminded her that she may have to face the very real possibility that Ben will choose Courtney on next week’s show.
‘Whatever happens, Ben has to live with his choice,’ replied Emily. ‘If he does choose her. he’s made his bed so he can lie in it’

Harrison also asked Nicki Kaapke about her shock at being eliminated last week by Ben in Switzerland.
‘I think you can see it in my face that I didn’t know what was coming,’ she admitted. ‘Maybe it was too comfortable, too easy – maybe it’s because I didn’t have an edge.
‘It hurt a lot when I came home. I was sad a lot of the time. It has been a few months and I’m myself again.’

Popular contestant Kacie told Harrison she has now realised why she and Ben didn’t ultimately end up together.
‘Watching the show. I think it was a lot of our core values and our families,’ she said. ‘The south is a little different and he couldn’t see himself at Christmas in my house.’
Then it was Ben’s turn to come out and face his eliminated contestants for a question and answer session.
‘Coming back is not easy. They’re all incredible women,’ he told Harrison, before responding to unanswered questions from the girls about why he eliminated them.

He even received a proposition from Jamie Otis who told him: ‘I don’t know what they think of you but I think you’re a fabulous guy and, who knows, I feel like a lot of times it doesn’t work out.
‘If you’re not happy with who you chose, I still think you’re fabulous and I want to get to know you.’
Courtney will compete alongside Lindzi Cox for the final rose and the chance to be Ben’s future wife in the show’s season finale, which airs on ABC on March 12.


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