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Secretary of the National Security Council: “Georgia Faces no Threat”

Published: August 30, 2012 | 11:15 am
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Secretary of the National Security Council of Georgia Giga Bokeria talked to Courier News on Rustavi 2 TV about the details of the special operation, which is still in progress 30 km away from the village Lapankuri, near the border with Dagestan, one of the constituent republics of the Russian Federation. Mr. Bokeria said Georgia’s sovereignty and security is facing no threat and all international organizations have been informed about the latest developments.

“The Russian Federation has no cause, even a “fantastic one” for carrying out any kind of actions on the territory of Georgia. Therefore, I don`t think this threat is real now. Of course, this is why this kind of attention of the authorities has been directed to the incident, because this kind of threat could theoretically arise if the scales of the incident were different and our country was not able to act efficiently,” declared Bokeria. “Above all, any kind of abduction of citizens by an armed group is a subject to a special attention in any condition. And the fact that this is happening close to the Russian Federation, close to its border, in the area of Dagestan where continual bloodshed is underway, of course is an additional cause for special attention.”


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