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Samoseli Pirveli- National Apparel Made in Georgia

Published: October 2, 2012 | 7:33 pm
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The COMMERCIAL magazine

Samoseli Pirveli- the company producing Georgian traditional national apparel appeared on the local market with the first shop two years ago. During an interview with The COMMERCIAL magazine Ana Ninua, General Director of Samoseli Pirveli spoke about the importance of national apparel and the company’s future development plans.

- Samoseli Pirveli opened its first shop two years ago. How was the idea of establishing the company developed? What were your expectations?

- The idea of launchinh Samoseli Pirveli belongs to Levan Vasadze. He together with Mr. Luarsab Togonidze made the long-awaited dream come true. The two revived the production of Georgian traditional apparel. I joined this good deed a bit later.

In the beginning Chokhas were sewed in a small workshop, in parallel intensive works were conducted in respect to women’s line. By 2009 Samoseli Pirveli’s small workshop turned into a modern technology equipped production.

- Samoseli Pirveli was the first shop in Georgia to offer its customers Georgian traditional apparel. How fast did you manage to gain brand awareness?

- Since the interest towards the idea was very big, the company opened a shop where Chokhas from different regions of Georgia were presented during a year. Then we organized a show so that Georgians could get familiar with the national women and men apparel from regions, revived in accordance with museum exponents and old photos. We also added men’s Chakura, Tushetian apparel and urban dress to the collection.

- How many shops does Samoseli Pirveli operate in Georgian market?

- Currently we operate two shops: One at 22 Chavchavadze Ave. and the other at 1, Shardeni Str. In Old Tbilisi. We also offer rent service.

- How interesting could foreign markets be for you? Do you export production?

- Certainly, foreign market is very interesting for us in order to show the world unique Georgian apparel. This is not just business, it’s something more of a cognitive concept activity the aim of which is to learn the culture of our ancestors.

- Do you plan to open representations abroad?

- Unfortunately, currently we cannot afford opening a shop abroad as it requires big finances. However, we still have significant orders from foreign countries. In 2011 we had a show in France and will organize such events in future as well.


- Your shops are targeted at the representatives of Georgian society and foreigners who are interested in national apparel. How big is the demand on your production? How often do foreigners refer to you?

- Mainly our customers are Georgia, which makes me happy; also we have clients from our citizens living abroad. Foreigners are mostly interested in accessories like:  Kabalakhi, purses, etc. I’d like to stress that we have sent an order of a complete complex of Choka to a foreign client from Australia.

- Are you mainly oriented at corporate clients or are you equally actively engaged in individual orders? Who are your corporate clients? For what occasions do individuals do shopping with you?

- We mainly work with individual clients. The company produces wedding, party and casual types of apparel; we try to simplify a number of details.

In case of corporate clients, demand is mostly on gift production, Kabalakhs and other accessories.

- What are the people who create the production and how maintained and kept is the old national traditional line?

- Everyone who works with us has related professions. We have designers: Maia Jguburia (Women’s line), Sopio Imerlishvili (Men’s line), Nino Zedgenidze (embroidery), Tiko Gelikashvili (leather production). Shop consultants are designers who accept orders right on location. It’s important that all of our staff members do their job with big love.

Our production is close to today’s reality and is more practical to wear, however, we try to keep old traditional line.

I am a theatre artist and I pay much attention to artistic values.

- The main profile of Samoseli Pirveli activities is a scientific research, revival and promotion of apparel making of Caucasian people. Which Georgian apparel have you revived lately?

- We plan to release an album of old and new, revived costumes. Last year, during a new year party all the guests of Bagrationi were wearing Georgian apparel made by Samoseli Pirveli. It was an amazing party and supposedly will become an annual tradition.

Our designers are in constant search of novelties and new sketches are worked out almost on a daily basis. The latest discovery was the revival of a Cherkez women apparel, which we presented in Anaklia during the Cherkez dedicated event.

- How equal is demand on men and women apparel and accessories?

- Demand is almost equal from both sex representatives. Currently we’re sewing Chokhas for Basiani ensemble for their tour in America.

- Which companies do you cooperate with in terms of accessory production?

- Accessories carry a big importance, lots of them are lost, lots of them are out of the country. We try to find these accessories in order to create equal copies and revive them. Ramaz Oboladze supports us in this deed. We’re also planning to equip our own workshop with all the necessary accessories: Chaprast, buckle, belt, earrings, etc.

- Which season works best for you?

- We’re busy for all seasons. Demand rises especially during a wedding season as it’s when we receive orders not only from brides and grooms but from their guests as well.

- What are the latest new offered by your company?

- As I mentioned above, there will always be sketches and apparel, which means that almost every day we bring new production to the shops.

In near future we plan to hold a show of our new collection.

- Do you plan to produce apparel for mass market?

- High quality is one of our priorities, which at this phase is less possible to be provided in case of mass sales. However, we’re motivated to work out special production technologies that will allow us to maintain quality in mass sales.


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