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Sales on the Rustavi Car Market

Published: August 5, 2013 | 10:02 am
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The Ukrainian company Auto Papa is offering its customers light vehicles, and currently has 6000 cars on sale on the Rustavi car market. According to the Director of the market Evgeny Ustinov, Georgia has broken records on imports and exports during the past 3 years, with up to 6800 vehicles being exported on a monthly basis. He adds that along with the local customers, buyers from Armenia and Azerbaijan frequently visit the market.
In contrast to the Ukrainian company, Iberia Business Group is offering customers all types of vehicles. Up to 1500 vehicles are currently on sale on its Rustavi market. According the company’s Marketing Manager Akaki Grigolia, sales have increased by 10% this year. He adds that around 60% of the purchases are being made by Azerbaijani customers, 15% by Armenians, and 20% by Georgians.

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