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Robert Pattinson on The Daily Show: All Class

Published: August 14, 2012 | 10:34 am
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The opportunity was there for Robert Pattinson last night.

Making his first public appearance since news of Kristen Stewart cheating on him with Rupert Sanders broke, the actor appeared as a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

And the host good-naturedly broached the topic right away, asking Pattinson what he’s been up to and adding: “Are you all right? Is everything OK? I’m worried about you.”

Did Rob take the bait? Did he throw Stewart under a bus on national television?


“My biggest problem in my life is I’m cheap, and I didn’t hire a publicist,” Pattinson replied. “I’m going to hire a publicist.”

Stewart then broke out some Ben & Jerry’s and tried to bond with the handsome star.

“Now, we’re just a couple of gals talking,” Stewart said. “All right… Tell me everything.”

Pattinson went along with the joke, laughing about splitting open his Spanx and only grew serious after Stewart noted that – for young people – going through a breakup often feels like the end of the world. To this, Robert simply responded:

“It is.”

But he proceeded to tell the audience it was okay and no one should feel sorry for him. Talk then turned to the film Pattinson was there to promote, Cosmopolis.

It was a deftly handled interview on both sides, with the Stewart-sized elephant in the room acknowledged in a funny, classy way… given the circumstances.


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