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Purchase a Completed House in One Day: GEOco Launches New Construction Standards on Georgian Market

Published: April 19, 2013 | 1:50 pm
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CNA- by Nino Sachaleli

Construction company GEOco together with its Austrian partner launches new construction standards on Georgian market. This time the company offers its consumers instant shopping of completed houses.

GEOco, launched in 2011, is already known for the construction of several types of houses: concrete houses, mixed type of houses and wooden houses.

GEOco’s wooden houses that are made from wooden materials are of an Austrian design and come prefabricated which ensure their resistance. Australian pine wood materials are processed by antiseptic and refractory means which then remove any chances of rot, insects and fire hazard. Exploitation term of the houses is more than 70 years with the price of the house being the most attractive and fascinating feature. The price for per square meter is $ 352 including VAT. Consumers receive completed and fully built houses for this price.

During an interview with CNA, Vakho Nikolava, Manager of GEOco spoke about the innovative projects offered by the company and future development plans. 

- Fast and quality construction is one of the most demanded services both on local and international markets. What is the news GEOco, known for its innovative approach, will offer to its consumers?

- In the coming 7-8 months a house manufactory factory will be opened where you can purchase a completed house in one day just like the way you do shopping in a supermarket. We’ll offer six types of houses with instant installment. Soon we’ll be constructing houses in one day.

- How would you describe the company’s developments story up to now?

GEOco was founded in 2011. We produce individual residential houses and commercial spaces. For construction, we use concrete, metal and wood. Wooden houses have become quite popular in Georgia as they are environmentally safe and, at the same time, the price is cheap. As for the Georgian market, we offer our consumers individual residential houses at a very low price. Our partner is the Austrian Construction Company which gives us construction materials that are made from prefabricated pine. Our construction team is trained by Austrian professionals who have been working in the construction business for 70 years. So far, we have implemented dozens of projects in Georgia.

- What are the services that your company offers its Consumers? How affordable are the prices and is the consumer use installment option?  

- We have introduced many modern services including projecting and complex equipment  of houses. The Construction Company GEOco owns the architectural company Tbilisi Design, and also the landscape company Avro Plans Georgia, as well as an industrial factory that produces windows and doors.

Consumers you pay only when the construction is fully completed, which means that there is a 100% guarantee for the buyer. We offer an installment system within the company, consumers make advance payment at TBC Bank – 49% and then pay no interest rate for the remaining amount on loan for from 0 – 18 months. Installment is available upon submission of an application and an identification card.

- How big is your interest toward foreign clients? What are the main services they demand from your company? 

- We have many foreign consumers from USA, Russia, Germany, Greece, and they can observe the construction process online. They can also sign contracts online. In the end, when the construction is finished they arrive here and receive the key to the house and only then transfer the money.

- How long does the construction period last?

 - A house the size of 100 square meters needs 25 days to build, 200 square meters- 45 days.  So, the construction dynamic is very fast.

- Taking into account the climate and conditions of the country, which regions are best suitable for wooden houses?

- Wooden houses are good in damp locations and under conditions of high and low temperatures, such as Gudauri, Bakuriani or sea coast areas where the air has a high level of humidity that presents no problems for concrete but can harm wood that is not treated by an antiseptic. We use a Caparol brand antiseptic provided by our partners, which is number one in the world. The wooden materials can still breathe but there is no danger of taking on dampness or becoming moldy.

- How much is need for the house maintenance?

- In every two-three years the house should be painted from outside by an antiseptic. This can be done by the owners without professionals help.  An antiseptic protects the wood from dampness and color fading. As for price for the house size of 100 square meters, the price is around $200-250. This service is included in the contract; therefore, we can accomplish these procedures as well. As for the house exploitation term, it’s 70 years.

- How active are you in terms of construction works in Tbilisi?

We’re building a lot of houses in Tbilisi:  Tskneti, Kaklebi, Nutsubidze plateau, Dighomi, now we are starting a new project in Ortachala.

- In terms of design, what do you offer you consumers? Is it a catalogue from which they can choose the right suitable option?

- Consumers can bring their own designed project and we will do the job in accordance to their requirements. All projects are individual and as a company we are trying to meet customer demand and not vice versa.

- What do you mean when you say a house with full repairs and renovation?

- Customers receive the house where everything is completed: water system, electricity, glazed tile, doors and windows, internal doors, floor, plugs.

- Batumi Sales office opening was planned, does this function already?

- Yes, Batumi Sales office functions quite successfully. At this stage we are implementing four projects through this office: Nabeghlavi, Bakhmaro, Bukistsikhe and Kobuleti.

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