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Psychotropic Substances Sold Freely at Pharmacies

Published: October 10, 2013 | 5:17 pm
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Secret recordings have revealed that psychotropic substances can be purchased in pharmacies without any difficulties. Employees of the Anti-Corruption Council obtained 6 tablets of Codesan, a medicament with narcotic effects, for GEL 14. The staff in the pharmacy did not ask for a prescription, nor did they provide a receipt.
Shortly after the transaction, the pharmacy in question was visited by a TV3 television crew. The appearance of the journalists caused great annoyance to the pharmacy staff, who declined to be interviewed, but did not deny selling the drug without a prescription.
Based on the TV3 material, the pharmacy was visited by the Medical Regulatory Agency. The inspection revealed that 19 000 unregistered medicaments, including 6000 psychotropic drugs, were being sold by Apathea Ltd. Breaches of sales regulations have also been established. It has transpired that the pharmacy will be fined for the third time this year, on this occasion by GEL 12 000.
Codesan is a drug a high dose of which has narcotic effects. It disables brain cells, causes arrhythmia and sleepiness. Codesan substitutes are used to produce desomorphine, also known as ‘krokodil,’ which causes organism decay and death.
According to the statistics, the Regulatory Agency fined 57 pharmacies in 2012, and 133 so far in 2013.

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