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Possible Sanctions for the Owners of former Hospital Territory

Published: July 10, 2013 | 12:23 pm
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TV3 has found out that the current owners of the land where the Psychiatric Hospital used to be situated could face sanctions due to their activities on the territory. The Environment Protection Ministry has halted the process of cutting down trees on the former hospital territory, where a multi-storey complex is to be built. For several days, investors have been conducting the process of removing trees from the area, which was followed by protests from the locals. The Environment Protection Minister has told TV3 that following discussions with the investors, the tree-cutting process has been halted. The Minister does not rule out the possibility that more trees might have been removed than was necessary according to the contract between the investing company and the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office.
The head of the Ecology Department at the Mayor’s Office Giorgi Korkashvili has stated that Asatiani Street does not constitute recreational territory, and the planned building projects are lawful. However, he questions the necessity of having such a high amount of trees removed, and suggests that the company might have exceeded the limits set by the contract in this regard. Mr. Korkashvili states that should experts deem the company to have exceeded their powers, it could face sanctions, or even have its permission to conduct the building works revoked.

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