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Plans for the Grape Harvest

Published: August 8, 2013 | 11:49 am
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What are the wine companies’ plans for the grape harvest, and what are the amounts of grapes expected to be purchased by the manufacturers? The Director General of Badagoni has told TV3 that the company plans to purchase 3500 tonnes of grapes from the farmers this year, which constitutes a 30% increase compared to the previous years, and has been motivated by the State support for the sector. The Telavi Winery is also planning to purchase 3500 tonnes of grapes. According to a company spokesman, the market has been freed up under the new government, and companies can purchase the grapes at market value. He adds that meetings have already taken place with representatives from the agriculture sector and the National Wine Agency, discussing the plans for the harvest. The Director General of Teliani Valley Shota Khobelia has told TV3 that the company plans to purchase over 3000 tonnes of grape this year, which reflects an increase in the demand for the company’s products on the international market. A spokesman at the National Wine Agency has stated that preparations for the harvest and consultations with the wine companies are currently ongoing, adding that the manufacturers have been actively aided by the State.

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