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People Share Their Craigslist Horror Stories. Individuals hardly ever really understand whom or what’s on the other hand of the Craigslist deal.

Published: January 23, 2021 | 2:53 am
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individuals share the absolute most horrifying experiences they’ve had whenever Craigslist deals went incorrect.

“Bought a Keurig on Craiglist. We tried it for two times, began observing coffee grounds in my cup. Ignored it. Saw a cockroach in my own home, and discovered out it had been from the Keurig. Took a flashlight to your inside, also it ended up being infested with a nest of cockroaches. It had beenn’t coffee grounds within my glass. I possibly couldn’t contact the individual I’d gotten it from because We just had their Craiglist email with no real contact information.

I finished up tossing it in a trash bag doused with bug killer, sealed it shut, and tossed it when you look at the dumpster.”

“we got GTA V for the PS3, then again got a PS4 about a couple of weeks later on since I have got astonished by an additional paycheck that is large had money to blow. And so I made a decision to sell my PS3 copy for $40. Right I legit got a text not even ten minutes later from a guy that wanted to meet in half an hour to pick it up as I put the listing up. I becamen’t busy, therefore I chose to do so. The man had been about 10 years over the age of me, extremely thin (into the point of ribs virtually showing through his top), together with a tick. Anyhow, we result in the deal and genuinely believe that’s the final end from it. Nope. On my drive home, he texted me personally wanting me personally in the future up to their spot and play it with him. We politely decrease. Then he continues on to text me personally a novel about their life tale along with his time serving in Afghanistan and his PTSD and depression. we felt bad I meet on Craigslist for him but still didn’t want to go hang out with a stranger. Then he begins asking me personally whenever I’d be able to go out and attempts to make plans. I explain politely that i am certainly not trying to it’s the perfect time through Craigslist or such a thing. He tries calling me personally. We turn fully off my phone and get to sleep. We switch it right straight straight back on each morning and I also’ve got twenty-something missed calls and over sixty texts as they went along from him, getting increasingly more angry, violent, and threatening.

We installed an application to block their quantity and that solved it, however for a http://mail-order-bride.net/ good week or two I happened to be afraid of unintentionally operating into him again.”

“a friend that is dear of who’s got since passed away employed a gardener through Craigslist. The gardener robbed him whenever my buddy went along to a various state for a wedding and kidnapped my pal’s roomie. The gardener had been extremely told and devious the roomie that his mother ended up being deathly ill and therefore my buddy bought their mother a television (it absolutely was nevertheless in a package). The roommate ended up being foolish and helped him pack it and drive the gardener, in my own buddy’s vehicle, into the mother’s destination. The roomie was too foolish to verify the tale with my buddy who had been during the wedding, but my pal had been good so that it did not raise any suspicions. The gardener ended up being those types of smooth-talking crooks, and so the roommate believed his sob tale. Once they surely got to mother’s put it had been late, so they let the roommate rest the evening. Once the roommate woke up, the gardener ended up being gone. His two brothers forcefully kept him inside your home all time in order for he could not phone the cops. Chances are they blindfolded him and allow him away from a motor vehicle in the center of nowhere. Then he discovered a pay phone and called my pal who was simply currently house by the period.

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