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Patient with Spine Injury Asks for HELP

Published: December 20, 2011 | 3:54 pm
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“I’m so dreaming to be able to walk one day”

It has been 12 years already that Giorgi Abashidze, patient with first group disability, lives at Infectious Disease Hospital in Tbilisi’s former Sepsis Center Department building. Years ago Giorgi had been diagnosed a very hard disease. Thanks to the assistance by late Vakhtang Bochorishvili, he accommodated here. Soon after the medical treatments started, it became clear that Giorgi and his mother were left without home and money to further finance the treatment on their own. Therefore, it was decided to let the mother and son stay and live in the hospital.

For 12 years Giorgi has been under a constant observation of doctors. Because of the spine injury, the young man is unable to get out of the bed, causing other infections, which are crucial for his health as bedsores are on a critical level. According to Girogi’s mother Zanda Berulava, several weeks ago they got left without electricity, the building was sold and the new owner refuses to pay “somebody’s” electricity bill. It’s freezing in Giorgi’s room, the patient is running a high temperature and his life is under serious threat.

Other clinics also operate in the building, the owner of one of which provided Giorgi with electricity and promised to pay the bill. However, the new owner of the building cut the line, saying it might cause fire.

Giorgi’s trauma was caused in 1997 and since then he cannot get on feet. The family sold everything in order to improve his health. However, after the operation performed at the Tbilisi Neurosurgery Institute, Giorgi’s health got more affected because of the mistake by the surgeon. The only solution was to make another operation in Germany. Foreign doctors gave guarantee to Giorgi that we would walk.

“My friends asked Bidzina Ivanishvili for help, however the money was not still enough for two operations. In addition some organizations promised to help, but didn’t keep the promise. German doctors made one operation to Girogi and removed broken metal. ( A vital mistake made during the first operation in Tbilisi). The second operation didn’t happen as the promised financing was a lie. We were left without everything in a foreign country. A German family accommodated us (they had a Georgian sister-in-law) and then a Lutheran church was our survivor. Finally, we returned to Georgia, even more hopeless then before. Every day I wake up with a dream that someone will appear to rescue my Giorgi’s life,” said Mrs Berulava.

After returning to Georgia, Giorgi developed sepsis and can’t even use a disability chair. If before USD 45 000 was enough for his treatment, now bedsores even more complicated the situation. However, the main problem remains the spine treatment.

Today Giorgi lives in memories. His active life stopped when he was elected a commission member of the Solomon II’s body relocation from Turkey to Georgia. Dressed in national Georgian costume, carrying the body of the King on his shoulders to the Gelaty monastery, Giorgi would never imagine his future tied to bed. “I’m dreaming to be able to walk one day,” he says.

By Eka Lomidze


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