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Paris Scent of Georgian Winter Holidays

Published: December 31, 2012 | 9:43 am
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It smells like Christmas! It Smells like New Year! It smells like Winter Holidays all over the world! As we’re all aware best fragrance blows from France and in Georgia this exiting Paris scent is found at Ici Paris local perfume retailer. The COMMERCIAL TIMES interviewed Khatia Shamugia, Head of PR & Marketing Department of Ici Paris, regarding the company’s New Year campaign and future development plans.

- How attractive is Ici Paris New Year campaign?

- Ici Paris New Year campaign has turned into a tradition. Every December we announce big sales and it lasts till January 14. Every year we try to add new features to the New Year campaign.

In addition to sales, Ici Paris offers special gifts that depends on the value of the concrete purchase. Also, our consumer gets one lottery ticket for a purchase of less than GEL 50 and for each GEL 50 value purchase they get one more ticket. Lottery will be aired live on January 25 on Rustavi 2 broadcaster where iPods and different gifts will be given to our winner consumers. The two super prizes are: two-person tickets to Sharm El Sheikh and an automobile Kia Picanto.

Thus, consumers get triple profit: discount, gifts and an opportunity to participate in the lottery.

- How much do sales increase during the winter holiday period?

- Volume of sales during winter holidays are usually at least doubles. Considering the fact that for us the most important period is December, during New Year we have the largest-scale campaign.

During this period Ici Paris discount cards stop being active except for the Aroma Card (savings card), which is an additional incentive for our consumers.

- Ici Paris presents both men and women line. Representatives of which sex shop more intensively for New Year  gifts?

- In addition to men and women line, Ici Paris is also known for its kids and youth brands. 17 year old teenagers will not buy Chanel 5, they prefer brands like: Christina Aguilera, Antonio Banderas, Bruno Banani, Puma, Mexx, etc.

Certainly, women perfume is sold more actively during winter holidays, followed by men and kids lines.

- Which are the best demanded perfumes?

- The best demanded perfume is Chanel Trilogy, which is renewed every year. It’s the best sold luxury line perfume. As for men line, the best sellers are: Terre d’Hermès, Cartier, Carolina Herrera.

- Who is your target segment?

- At our stores people of all ages, sex and income will find perfume suitable for their taste and affordable for their budget. This is why Ici Paris is the number one perfume retailer on the local market. We take responsibility for the quality of the production sold within Ici Paris network. Here you can make a purchase with a small budget in range of GEL 3-5 as well as do an expensive shopping of GEL 400-500. We also have GEL 4000 valued collection perfume. With us high quality comes at any price.

- How different are the prices at your network compared to international markets?

- We are official representatives of the brands sold at our network and agree price policy with them. International market prices are adapted to the local market, taking in account Georgia’s economic situation. The saying that certain brands are cheaper abroad is false. On the contrary, there are some brands that cost too much abroad and people from our neighboring countries arrive here to make an affordable purchase. I’m proud to say that in addition to the cost advantage, Ici Paris also has a broader spectrum of brands than our neighbor perfume retailers.

There are three major players on the local market in perfume sector and Ici Paris is the one with the majority of brands. We have a practice of brands exchange with our competitors. However, the main demand from the brands’ head offices is that the price should be same in all networks.

- Do you have further regional expansion plans?

- Ici Paris operates 19 stores in Tbilisi and 3 in Regions: Poti, Batumi and Kutaisi. In addition, we also have two beauty salons in the capital and a beauty academy as well the rector of which is Anuka Murvanidze.

Indeed, we have expansion plans. Since the company is not actively presented in Eastern Georgia yet, we’ll look at this direction. There are also some districts in Tbilisi where Ici Paris targets to open new stores. The company reinvests its revenue into the network expansion and the acquisition of new brands.

- Which is your favorite perfume?

- My perfume favorites are Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT and Cartier Baiser Vole (Stolen Kiss).

- Which are the best sold perfume brands of 2012?

- Chanel Trilogy is the best seller. Chanel is number one, no matter whether it’s cloths or perfume. Chanel is Chanel!

- Will Ici Paris bring new brands next year?

- In 2013 Ici Paris will bring new brands on the local market. Since Georgian consumers are very demanding and best informed about new trends, we cannot let them down. We’re here to meet consumer demand and the demand is quite high.

- Will you name the brands?

- Let’s keep it confidential for now.

- Besides perfume, what type of production is sold best within your network?

- Besides perfume, demand is quite big on decorative and facial care cosmetics. Ici Paris is presented on the local market for the 17th year already and through this time we’ve gained an absolute trust from our consumers. We also have para pharmaceutical direction as well as brands that are sold at druggists too.

-  What news should Ici Paris consumers expect from the company in 2013?

- Next year we’ll be more actively focused at developing Ici Paris salon business. We’ll bring hair care products that will be available only with us. We have very ambitious plans and the main task is to expand and open more new stores countrywide.




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