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Paradox Georgia Claims SMS Advertising is Efficient

Published: April 25, 2013 | 3:23 pm
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CNA-by Nino Sachaleli

Every now and then we get our mobile phones get filled with notifications about new products and services announced by various companies. Some of us get irritated and delete the messages instantly. Still, as Paradox Georgia claims SMS advertising is efficient. The latter offers SMS advertising services on the local market since September, 2012. Paradox Georgia is a daughter company of an Armenian company.

CNA interviewed Svetlana Tanrkhanova Marketing Manager of Paradox Georgia

-There are many types of advertisements.  What is the advantage of SMS advertisements?

 - Many people are busy and cannot watch TV, others do not have access to the internet but all of them have mobile phones and it takes no time to have a look and read the information received in a telephone inbox.  This way information reaches people much faster and is more effective than other types of advertisements.

- What kinds of companies are interested in your services?

- Our customers are technique shops, cloth shops, clinics, study centers and financial companies.

-When a company makes a decision to use your services and gets in touch, who makes the selection of the client base of subscribers who will receive the text messages?

- We use two ways: our own database and the client’s database. Our website is smsclub.ge. If clients have their own database they contact us and we provide them with information how to log into the system. They log and upload the phone numbers and send the information they want. If they want to send out information as an ad they contact us and we use our database which is based on following segmentation: age, sex and living place.

-How are the database members selected?

-  We have been doing a study now for about a year, calling subscribers and asking if they were interested in using this type of service in the form of receiving text messages.

 -Who are the subscribers, are they clients of any cell phone company?

- Our database includes subscribers from all cell phone companies.

-What are the fees for the packages you offer? For now we have special offers:

5.000 SMS package – GEL 200 + 1000 SMS – as bonus

10.000 SMS package  – GEL 350 + 1500 SMS as bonus

15.000 SMS package – GEL 450 + 2000 SMS as bonus  

 -Is there a limitation for text massage?

-  The text must not exceed more than 160 Latin characters according to text message standard.

- Can SMS notifications be used for political ads?  

- We definitely do not use it for political reasons. The main purpose is sale, promotion of new goods and products.

-Do you have a service that informs you about how many people read text message? Sometimes people are bothered from that kind of text messages and they delete them without reading it?  

-  We use a delivery function that helps us to control the number of messages that have been delivered and it is around 96 %. During our seven month experience only one subscriber refused to have this service.

-Is this type of advertisement and really efficient?

- Yes it is, we contact to our customers and they tell us that advertisements worked well.

-What is the new service of mailing about?

- We have a new high speed mailing service that sends e-mails. Within our special offer you can e-mail your offer to more than 10 000 business companies only for GEL 80.




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