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Overseas Publicity of China Xinjiang Export Commodities Exhibition in Georgia, 2012

Published: November 12, 2012 | 10:28 am
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The basic facts: the exhibition name, time, location, background, objective, scale, product categories, participated enterprisers’ categories, and the features of this exhibition, and so on

(1) The exhibition name

China’s Xinjiang Export Commodities Exhibition in Georgia,2012 (abbreviation: exhibition)

(2) The exhibition time

22 – 23 November, 2012.

(3) The exhibition location

Hualing International Special Economic Zone, str. Davitaia (take right turn from the new police building), Vazisubani Dist. Tbilisi0152, Georgia.

(4) The organizing bodies

The organizers of this exhibition are: Xinjiang Urumqi Autonomous Regional Commerce Department and Urumqi City People’s Government; the Undertakers are: China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional Border Trade Bureau, Urumqi City Commerce Bureau, Xinjiang Hualing Industrial (group) Co.,Ltd. The co-sponsors are: the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Economic & Commercial Counselor’s office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Georgia, and Basis Bank.

(5) The exhibition objective

Aimed at actively strengthening the economic and trading contacts between China and Georgia, especially the contacts between Xinjiang Urumqi of China and Tbilisi of Georgia, promoting the communication and cooperation between the two countries and the two places, encouraging the investment and trade conveniences.

(6) The exhibition policy

Adhering to the organizing principle of elaborate organizing, heart-to-heart services, diligence, thrift and clean, be practical and high efficient.

(7) Participated enterprises

There are around 200 enterprises, almost 400 entrepreneurs, and more than 300 presidents and general managers of different enterprises coming from China will participate.

(8) The exhibits categories

Construction and decoration, ceramic and sanitary ware, electromechanical appliances, arts and crafts, family appliances & lighting, hotel products, exceptional subsidiary agricultural products, apparel, bed necessaries, daily necessities, etc. altogether 23 categories. There are altogether more than 120 kinds of products.

(9) The main activities

Products show; Chinese & foreign enterprises conference and reception banquet; investment trading promotion round-table conference; organizing the participated enterprises’ representatives to explore and research the main local markets; exploring and visiting Hualing free industrial park and Hualing International Special Economic Zone, etc.

(10) The scale of the exhibition hall

The area of the exhibition hall is 4000 square meters. There are200 international standard exhibit booths are set.

(11) The features of this exhibition

1.China’s Xinjiang Export Commodities Exhibition in Georgia2012 is the first grand meeting which roundly demonstrates the strengths of Xinjiang enterprises’ products. The categories of the products are comprehensive; the commodities exhibited touch a high scientific and technological level, and the products have highest quality.

2. The participated merchants are mostly representatives of the excellent local enterprises. Meantime, some enterprisers and representatives of the internationally famous enterprises of the eastern Chinese cities like Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangxi are all going to take part in.

3. A good deal of the participated merchants have ever come to Georgia more than once. After this exhibition, they would invest in Georgia. They will build factories, or do trade, or cooperate with the Georgian enterprises.

4. On the list of the enterprises who have the tendency of investing, there are some investing projects have high scientific and technological contents, are of energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The employment opportunities can be drived. Some of them even will fill in some Georgian investing projects’ blanks.

5. Exhibition also can drive the development of the relevant industries in Georgia like real estate, tourism industry, subsidiary agricultural products processing, export and trades, and so on.



Advantages of Chinese manufacturing industry According to the calculation based on the net export value of all Chinese industries, the advantages of Chinese manufacturing industry mainly reflect in the following light industries: building materials, textile and clothing industry, food industry, the stationery and sporting goods industry, leathers, furniture manufacturing, rubber products industry, plastic products industry and metal product industry, and so on. By analyzing, Chinese manufacturing industry has such two characteristics like the following: First, Chinese human resource is wealthy, the technique labor cost is relatively lower, thus causes the cost advantage became the biggest advantage of Chinese manufacturing industry. Therefore Chinese commodities generally have price advantages in the marketing competition. Secondly, among present Chinese manufacturing industry, except for the labor-intensive industry, the capital intensive and technology intensive industries are also Chinese industrial advantages(showing a larger proportion in the manufacturing industry). In the meantime they are supported by the Chinese government. Therefore the qualities of Chinese products are generally more superior.



The good commercial environment of China’s Xinjiang and Urumqi city, the Asian geographic center and the regional commercial center China’s Xinjiang’s geographical location creates a special multielement culture. By the acceleration of Development of the West Regions’ process, Xinjiang’s economy is increasing quickly, the resource advantages in the industries like mineral products, coal, oil and tourism industries, etc. are now transferring to economic advantages at impressive rate. Till 2011, the gross product of Xinjiang had exceeded 660billion RMB, the increasing rate of the average personal income of the cities and towns ranks number one in China. The steps of Xinjiang’s opening up to the outside world are continuously accelerating. The successful hosting of “Asia-Europe exposition in China” and the establishment of two Special Economic Development Zones — Kashi and Korgas both marked Xinjiang really became an important gateway andbase of the developing and opening to the Western World. The Center confirmed that there are 19 provinces and cities are supporting Xinjiang’s developments in recent years. This not only accelerates Xinjiang’s social and economic developing speed, but also establishes prospective developing foundation for Xinjiang. The operating environments of Xinjiang and Urumqihave come to the most thriving time, the Asian geographical center is not only a simple geographical concept anymore; it will become a trade center, a logistics center and an information center which even radiates to the surrounding countries and areas. Since the airline from Tbilisi to Urumqi was open, the trades between the two places are increasingly deepening; especially Georgian enterprisers are frequently coming to Xinjiang Urumqi’s major markets. We welcome more Georgian friends to come to Xinjiang to be guests. We believe that in the near future, there will be a prosperous scene in Tbilisi in which the merchants are swarming. Let us cooperate and achieve the win-win situation. Based on the basis of being pragmatic, cooperative and friendly, we cooperate in all directions, we hope to create a new brilliance just like the Silk Road.


The investments of Xinjiang’s enterprisers in Georgia, especially the functions and radiation range of Hualing International Special Economic Zone and Hualingfree industrial park From 2009, many investments of Hualing Group in Georgia have already made greatest rides. This just proves that Georgian business environment is excellent. Hualing Group contributes to Georgian social and economical developments; it also sets an example and builds a platform for the Chinese enterprises which would invest in Georgia soon. The construction projects in George of Xinjiang enterprises, of which Hualing Group represents, are the biggest overseas investment projects in George till now; the Chinese and Georgian governments pay close attention to them. The buildings of these two regions will be Georgian new economic growth points. Especially since the building projects of Hualing International Special Economic Zone and Hualing free industrial park were launched, conservatively calculating, the employment of more than 5000people were already promoted. Presently, investment promotion work has been comprehensively launched. Chinese and even theglobal elites’ vision has focused on here. By the gradual pushing of the construction projects and the improvements of the functions of Hualing International Special Economic Zoneand Hualing free industrial park, there must be more excellent enterprises falling to the ground. Basis bank, of which Xinjiang Hualing Group successfully acquires, supplies not only better services for the Chinese enterprises which invest in Georgia, but also depositing, lending services and reckoning platforms which get more comprehensive functions and more accessible services for the Chinese enterprises that invest in Hualing International Special Economic Zone and Hualing freeindustrial park. The bank successfully builds a bridge between Chinese and Georgian banking business. After the projects of Hualing International Special EconomicZone and Hualing free industrial park were successfully built, the speed of Georgian economic development will be promoted, the functions of the two zones will be radiated to the surrounding countries and regions. Also forming

of the Black Sea Economic Circlewill be promoted.


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