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Orbi Group to Start the Construction of a New Hotel Complex in Batumi, Georgia

Published: August 4, 2012 | 11:14 am
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President of Georgia: “Orbi Group is building half of Batumi”


The President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili laid a cornerstone at the construction of Orbi Residence- a new hotel complex in Batumi on August 2. The new investment project by Orbi Group envisions building a 4 star hotel and giving desirers ownership of the hotel rooms. Orbi Group, the employer of the year (winner of the Mercury 2012 National Business Award), will employ 1 000 persons for the construction of the hotel. Saakashvili spoke with the employed workers and focused attention on the ongoing construction and importance of employment.

“Orbi Group is reaching a record in terms of construction speed. 5 years ago, when we started constructions, Turks were working everywhere but now the local workers are employed. We were going to learn from them, but we are now building twice as fast. I think, Orbi Group will soon start building things in Turkey and this will be lucrative for Turks. We should export our experience in this direction to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Ukraine,” declared the Head of State. “It is necessary for small companies to expand. That’s how Trump began his business and he is now building half of the world. Orbi Group is building half of Batumi. People often say that foreigners have bought everything in Batumi and they are constructing it. I would like to note that Orbi Group is completely a Georgian company. Foreigners are visiting Batumi, spending money and we employ people with this money, launch new buildings, create new hotels and everything is left to us. All that is the property of the people,” stated Saakashvili while talking to the managers of the company.

According to the President,  employment people is a priority of the government and by strengthening such companies this problem might be handled once and for all. The Head of State also spoke about increasing salaries and raising qualification of specialists.

“Our goal is to assist companies like Orbi Group because employment is our top priority. The more is built the more people are employed; salaries will be higher and we will sell more, hence we will have higher incomes. I know how hard their job is and I want the employed people to have higher salaries. Salaries will grow in parallel to increased apartment prices. In the end, construction must become more lucrative and we should give people higher salaries,” said Saakashvili. “This will happen gradually. Georgian architects have begun working better and better. We’ve sent many of them abroad in order to receive education, some of them were interned there and others observed foreign architects here. Reputation is the most important thing in this sphere, and if it is diminished even once, the company will lose everything.”


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