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Newspaper review: Syria focus continues

Published: February 27, 2012 | 8:20 am
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The ongoing turmoil in Syria features prominently in a variety of newspapers.

The country’s referendum on constitutional changes is the Independent’s lead story..

It says the vote is President Bashar al-Assad’s “ultimate insult” and says it is another attempt to throw dust in the eyes of the international community.

And the Times urges Mr Assad’s wife, Asma, to use her influence to ensure that wounded journalists in Homs are safely evacuated.

The Daily Mail reports a call by the former Marks and Spencer boss for retailers to show some “backbone” by showing resistance against protests about the government’s work experience scheme.

The paper says only a “tiny cabal of extremists” seem to lead the campaign to brand the scheme “slave labour”.

The Sun has obtained figures that show judges in England give bail to hardened criminals with hundreds of convictions.

In its leader column, the paper says the “barmy soft justice system” seems to have an “inexhaustible ability to shock and dismay”..

There are two differing views of the economy on the front pages of the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Express.

The Express has the headline, “Britain bounces back at last” and says key economic data will show that Britain has escaped a return to recession.

But the Telegraph’s headline, “Osborne: UK has run out of money”, conveys a more gloomy outlook.

It says George Osborne admitted in a TV interview that Britain could not afford any tax cuts or extra spending.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the buyer of a house on the market on Anglesey can expect superb views of the coastline from the front.

But the Daily Mail says the estate agents do not mention that a 350-foot TV mast towers over the back garden.

It suggests an alternative description for the estate agents marketing the property could read: “Bungalow for sale, very good TV reception.”

And the Sun points out that the buyer will never have to give visitors directions to the house.


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