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New iPod becomes a Touch better

Published: October 30, 2012 | 8:17 am
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ipod touch

The 5th generation iPod Touch is essentially an iPhone without call facilities.

THE iPod Touch evolves as B-grade celebrities would like to: it keeps getting thinner, better and its face has never looked so good.

With the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini hype, it’s easy to overlook what is essentially an iPhone without the phone or a Mini in miniature.

Unlike the iPhone 5, which is limited to black or white, the Touch comes in six anodised colours on a matte aluminium back. Not only is it prettier than your average iPhone 5, it’s also significantly slimmer.

It’s 123.4mm long, 58.6mm wide and just 6.1mm deep. At 88g, it’s lighter than the last model while gaining the 4-inch retina display like the iPhone 5.

That’s not all they share. Along with lightning connector and iOS 6, photos go to your photo stream with iCloud and you can enjoy the occasional frustration of speaking to Siri.

It also comes with Apple’s new earpods which, if nothing else, are a better option than using its tiny speaker.

What about the differences? The Touch has the A5 chip, whereas the iPhone 5 has the A6 chip. It also has a small black panel on the back, next to the camera lens, providing Bluetooth and Nike+ connectivity.

The iPod Touch has a five megapixel camera that can shoot 1080p video, which means it takes acceptable photographs.

The strength of the iPod Touch is not so much its specs but its uses. This could be your best choice for those family members who, no matter what they say, are too young for their own iPhone. It delivers the net without the extra cost of a phone plan.

It might be just a nip and a tuck better than the previous model but when you see the new iPod Touch you can’t help admire its facelift.


Apple, $329 32GB, $439 64GB


Rating: 4/5



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