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New Georgian Beer Zedazeni- Brewed to be the Leader

Published: April 2, 2012 | 11:56 pm
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Georgian Beer Company, the owner of Zedazeni brewery, believes the new Georgian beer will become the local market leader by the end of the year. Zedazeni brewery was opened in the village Saguramo of Mtskheta on April 2, 2012. President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili officially opened the brewery.

Georgian President said he’s proud to see 700 new jobs created within the plant.

“I’m especially proud to see that 200 out of the 700 employees of Zedazeni brewery are IDPs,” stated Saakashvili.

In his words, the launch of Zedazeni brewery is the proof how effectively Georgia’s economy is growing and developing. “We have no similar modern factory in Georgia today. This is one of the top modern lines of breweries in Europe. Its construction was accomplished in seven months and it took a month to begin production,” Saakashvili said. “Regardless of what others say, Georgia`s economy is developing rapidly in our region. The country’s economic growth was 7% last year and we are expecting further growth this year. In spite of this, there is poverty and unemployment in Georgia and I know this very well, but I am checking up numbers and I know that the unemployment index is reducing,” he added.

According to Kakha Paichadze, Commercial Director of Zedazeni, high quality Georgian beer made by the Czech and German experts, will shortly become the top Georgian beer brand. In addition to beer, new Georgian brewery will produce several types of lemonade.

“Zedazeni beer is produced with high quality ingredients, the brewery is equipped with modern technologies. What’s also very important, we offer competitive prices,” noted Paichadze.

GEL 70 million was invested in the construction of Zedazeni brewery plant.

Zedazeni beer will also be sold abroad. First export markets will be: Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azebaijan and also Russia.

“The business group that we represent has a long-time experience in beer business. Back in the 90s we had Lomisi brewery in Akhalgori. Then we had Natakhtari made into a leader of the local market,” said Paichadze. “People who were not informed that Natakhtari had a new owner used to complain about beer quality with us. Now when we see that Natakhtari is not the high quality beer it used to be and  there’s room for  a new leader. Here we present Zedazeni-beer brewed to be the leader,” Paichadze added.

One of the founders and owners of Zedazeni is Iago Chocheli, brother of Mtsekhta-Mtianeti Governor Tsezar Chocheli. In the past, Tsezar Chocheli was operating Lomisi brewery in Akhalgori. Current competitor beer factory Natakhtari once belonged to Iago Chocheli. In early 2008, Efes beer bought Natakhtari.


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