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Natakhtari Says News are Expected in respect to Beer Line, Disapproves an Initiative on Electronic Labelling of Non-Alcoholic Goods

Published: April 29, 2013 | 2:09 pm
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CNA-Tatia Kakiashvili

Natakhtari, the company well—known for beer and lemonade production, says its consumers should expect news in regards to beer production. Natakhtari has already offered new packaging of lemonade. According to the company, initiative on electronic labelling of non-alcoholic goods will negatively influence on sales. CNA interviewed Nino Surmava, PR Manager of Natakhtari.

- What is the news Natakhtari consumers should expect during the next spring-summer period?

-We have already offered news to the customers in terms of lemonade. These are the new design, logo and label of the bottle. More interesting and pleasant news for lemonade lovers are is about aroma – barberry, apple and raspberry, also, more convenient packaging. Interesting news is planned in respect to beer as well. However, traditionally, I can’t speak about these projects in advance. I dare say that Natakhtari news will be liked by everyone.

- From the 2012 year’s data, the export of Natakhtari lemonade increased in 33%. How many countries are your products exported in and which are the main export ways?

- Lemonade export was stable and continuously fulfilled in twenty countries of the world and this number is quickly increasing.

- Electronic labeling of non-alcoholic goods is one of the top issues concerning your field. What’s your view around the subject?

Our company objects the electronic labeling initiative of non-alcoholic drinks because of several reasons. The main arguments are that
Firs, According to the new law the labeling charges must be paid by companies. We consider that this point will cause the increase of products’ cost and will negatively be reflected on sales, especially, on export.
Second, local sales decline will cause the reduction of sales volume. This means that the volume of taxes paid by the company to the state budget will be decreased. In the end, it will benefit neither the company nor the country.

- How healthy is the competition on the local market in terms of beer and lemonade production?
- Competition is obvious if we look at Georgian beer and lemonade market. We welcome the competition because it’s beneficial both for our customers and the market players.

By saying so, I mean sophisticated and diverse brands and campaigns. Generally, we are for the fair competition, minding business ethics.

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