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Motivating Business to Counter Corruption – a Global Expert Survey on Anti-Corruption Incentives and Sanctions

Published: March 1, 2012 | 9:29 pm
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A survey among international anti-corruption experts, conducted as part of the initiative Best Practice on Anti-Corruption Incentives and Sanctions for Business, lists a broad range of practical incentives and sanctions that are likely to motivate businesses to engage against corruption. Assessing incentives and sanctions with regard to their impact in motivating business to engage against corruption, the following picture emerged:

Other key findings of the Survey:

Governmental Institutions are considered the most important stakeholder in setting incentives and sanctions to businesses, followed by Media and Business (financial services).

94% of respondents agreed that corruption is a significant factor when assessing the risk of a business relationship.

92% of respondents agreed that preferential treatment should be applied to companies that demonstrate adherence to anti-corruption principles.

88% of respondents said that business representatives with a history of corruption should be ineligible for public contracts.

77% of respondents agreed that a public corruption ranking of businesses should be established, a view shared by a clear majority of respondents from the Business Sector (63%).

77% of respondents agreed that an independent, third-party assurance of a business’ anti-corruption program is needed to grant incentives.

73% of respondents agreed that citizens should be enabled to claim compensations from businesses for damages to their society caused by corruption. Support was lower in North America (54%) and higher in Asia & the Pacific (86%) and the Middle East & Africa (85%).

72% of respondents agreed that Civil Society Organizations do not focus on businesses enough when fighting corruption.

61% of respondents agreed that irrespective of the occurrence of an act of corruption, the absence of an adequate anti-corruption program should constitute a legal offense.

Source: humboldt-viadrina.org



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