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Mitsubishi to add new Outlander SUV and Mirage City Car to Australian lineup

Published: August 29, 2012 | 6:56 am
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Frustrated with the state of Mitsubishi Motors in Australia, their new CEO and member of Board, Mutsuhiro Oshikiri has revealed that he does not know why would anyone in Australia buy a Mitsubishi car. Clearly, he is not happy with the state of things in Australia where sales of Mitsubishi is concerned.
Oshikiri feels that the, compared to their competitors, Mitsubishi cars in Australia are outdated and prices are too steep . He hopes to do something about these two factors soon. Speaking to media, Oshikiri shocked everyone when he said why people even buy a Mitsubishi when this is the situation. To ensure better profitability and secure a future for the brand in Australia, Oshikiri plans on a new strategy.
Australian auto markets are up 10% while sales of Mitsubishi are down over 5%. How one increases sales in this kind of a situation, is something that Oshikiri plans to look into so that the brand has a more secure and profitable future. A positive start in that direction will be the launch of Outlander SUV in November this year while the Mirage city car is expected to be launched by early 2013.
In an interview with Sydney Morning Herald, Oshikiri said, “The product is old…and the prices are too high. I don’t know why people buy a Mitsubishi. That is a simple question, difficult answer that I have to think about for the next three or four months. What is the benefit? Why do we have to be here? What is the future? I have to find out.”


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