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Misattribution and misquote in Forbes March 7th ‘Nobody is Bigger than Bidzina’ Story

Published: March 16, 2012 | 10:04 am
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March 16, 2012- In its March 7th Story, entitled, ‘Nobody is Bigger than Bidzina’ the magazine Forbes quoted Esben Emborg making comments on the Georgian economy. The quote contained numerous inaccuracies.

First, Mr. Emborg was cited as the ‘chairman of the local branch of American Chamber of Commerce’. American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (AmCham) does not have a Chairman. Mr. David Lee is the President and Dr. George Welton is the Executive Director. Mr. Emborg is a member of the board of AmCham but was not being interviewed in that capacity.

Second, we have had an opportunity to discuss the interview fully with Mr. Emborg and we are confident that he was misquoted in the article as to the meaning and substance of his remarks.

We wrote a letter to Forbes to request a retraction of the quote. Forbes responded by changing the attribution of the quote so that Mr. Emborg is no-longer cited as a representative of AmCham in the online version of the article. They have not, however, changed the substance of the quote and we, along with Mr. Emborg, continue to request a full retraction.

This misattribution and misquote is particularly problematic as the American Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Emborg, disagree entirely with the sentiment expressed in the quote and we feel that it misrepresents the current situation in Georgia.

Yours faithfully,

David Lee




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