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Ministry of Economy Cautious on Returning Confiscated Property to Former Owners

Published: October 16, 2013 | 2:08 pm
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When will businessmen get back their confiscated properties that are currently in the possession of the Ministry of the Economy? Tbilaviamsheni is on the list of such properties. Similarly, the former owner of the Albatross Group Davit Begiashvili was for months trying in vain to obtain his former possessions back from the ministry. According to the expert Kakhi Kakhishvili, the government should at the very least return those assets to their former owners which are owned by the Ministry of the Economy, lest the affected businessmen look for other ways to get their property back.
The Ministry of Economy has made a brief statement on the issue, according to which the assets that are in its possession will be returned to their former owners once the Prosecutor General’s Office reaches an appropriate verdict in this case. The investigative body has named the high number of cases as the reason for the delay in reaching a verdict.

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