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Minimum Living Amount to be Raised

Published: August 29, 2013 | 9:32 am
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Will the minimum living amount be increased? According to the National Statistics Centre, the average minimum living amount in Georgia is 128 GEL as of July 2013. For the last few days, the Christian Democratic Movement has called upon the government and the National Statistics Centre to revise the methodology of calculating the minimum living amount. According to the Christian Democrat Magda Anikashvili, the costs of food and other costs are being spread unevenly, and if they were to be counted using the correct methodology, then the minimum living amount could be raised to 250 GEL.
In response, United National Movement member Zurab Japaridze has stated that the existing methodology is in accordance with international standards, and does not require revision. He has described the Christian Democrats’ initiative as a “pre-election farce.” According to Mr. Japaridze, it would be impossible to raise the minimum living amount to 250 GEL, as there is not enough money in the budget to support such a move.
Gia Kakachia, the head of the social department at the Health Ministry, has responded to the politicians’ comments by stating that the Ministries of Health and of the Economy will begin to work on establishing a new methodology for calculating the minimum living amount in the near future. He adds that raising the minimum living amount will be one of the government’s priorities.
Raising the minimum living amount was one of the Georgian Dream Coalition’s pre-election promises in 2012.

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