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Minimum Living Amount Lowered

Published: August 19, 2013 | 7:12 am
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Why was the official minimum living amount lowered last month? According to the National Statistics Services (Sakstat), the monthly minimum living amount for a working man in July 2013 was 144 lari 80 tetri, compared to 149 lari 70 tetri in June. The monthly minimum living amounts for an average consumer, and for an average family, have also been lowered. According to a statement by Sakstat the lowering of the figures has been caused by a reduction in prices of most food products in the official ‘food basket’ in July. The Deputy Health Minister has told TV3 that the ministry is currently reviewing both the minimum living amounts, and the composition of the ‘food basket.’ According to the official statistics, the monthly minimum living amount in July 2013 was 1.7% lower than during the same period last year.

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