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Mini Cooper become the most preferred car in US

Published: June 1, 2012 | 9:10 am
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Sale of Mini Cooper has risen significantly in some of the past years. The company is claiming to sell around 75, 000 cars in US in last two years. Giving more information on this matter, company told that they have decided to hike the production of this car in order to meet its demand.

Recently in news it was mentioned that in America one has to wait for a longer time to buy this car as its demand has increased up to a great extent. On the other side company is putting sincere efforts to make a balance in demand and supply. According to company there are planning to have a new production plant in US so that Mini Cooper can be delivered on time to the clients.

Company recently told that Mini Cooper is widely preferred by large number of Americans, especially middle class people of America. Company told that their car is better in terms of fuel efficiency and maintenance than any other mini car in United States. United States people always seek that that is affordable.

Because of hike in overall demand of this car, the company has decided to launch two new modified models of this car by the end of this year in US. Also the car will be available on both petrol and diesel very shortly. According to company Mini Cooper shortly become one of the best sellers in US.

Company also announced recently that Canada and UK are the number two and three countries where the demand of this car is also hiking. According to company, in Canada around 10,000 cars has been sold by them in last 4 months, and their target is to sell 60,000 Mini Coopers in Canada by the end of this year.

Company has recently been awarded as the best automaker with more number of satisfied clients in US. According to company, customer satisfaction is their prime objective and they have focused on it since a decade. This is the prime reason that why the sale of this car has been hiked in US since some of the past years.

Recently company told that their car is not just best for the families, but this mini car is also used as a cab by lot of travelling companies. Additionally this car is better for one person. Company told media that their car doesn’t consume much parking space, and this is another reason that why their car is highly preferred by people.

A news was published recently in an American newspaper saying that travelling in small cars like Mini Cooper has become a trend in US. The Mini Cooper is best among all mini cars. The news also focused on some the aspects of this car that makes it best for every American.

Company told that their overall numbers of clients are hiking at a much better rate. Also their car Mini Cooper is highly preferred by lot of women in US. Also this car is rated as 7.0 out of 8 in US.


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