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Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive Concept Revealed

Published: September 18, 2012 | 6:58 am
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Mercedes released the first image and details of the new B-Class Electric Drive concept car ahead of its debut at the Paris Motor Show 2012. This car is a near production concept, and will be one of the first production models under Mercedes’ new ‘Electric Drive’ range. The B-Class ED is a pure electric car powered by an electric motor and a battery pack. It’s totally emission-free.

So it’s only natural for it to have all the usual problems of electric cars, such as shabby performance, limited range, and painfully long charging time. However, the B-Class seems to be a lot better than almost all the other offerings in this segment right now.

The car features a 100 kW electric motor (equivalent of 140 horsepower) that generates 310 Nm of torque. That is good power in a rather small car like the B-Class. Mercedes promises this car has a dynamic drive just like the ordinary models, and what’s more, they say it offers a range of 200 km.

This car is scheduled for market launch in 2014. We hope that by then Mercedes will figure out a way to speed up the charging process. Only then you can rely on the electric car as a replacement for your current petrol or diesel powered automobile.

Other Mercedes Benz electric cars on display at the Paris Motor Show are the production versions of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive and the smart BRABUS electric drive.


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