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Manufacturers breaching Environmental Protection Norms

Published: July 22, 2013 | 11:14 am
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To what extent are manufacturers following environmental protection norms? The Chief State Inspector on the matter, Neli Korkotadze, has told TV3 that certain small and large manufacturers are systematically breaching norms, such as pollution of the environment, use of toxic substances, and unlawful use of natural resources. According to the official statistics, 345 breaches of norms have been recorded during the past month alone, 28 of which have involved criminal elements. According to the Chief State Inspector, a supervisory protection department has been established to monitor those manufacturers that cause potential dangers to the environment. She adds that it will be possible for the companies to have their operating licenses revoked in cases of particularly severe breaches.

TV3 has asked several manufacturers for their views on the issue. A spokesman at Heidelbergcement has stated that breaches in environmental protection norms have not been observed at the company in recent times. The company has been actively working on the environmental angle, and using effective filtering equipment, the spokesman adds. SakNakhshiri have also denied any violations. On the other hand, a representative of Madneuli has acknowledged that the company has been fined on several occasions in recent times due to breaches in environmental protection norms.


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