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Likani Commercial on PIAF 2013 International Advertising Festival Finalists’ Shortlist

Published: May 15, 2013 | 3:41 pm
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(CNA)- Commercial of Likani mineral water, which has been created specially for social networks and was uploaded on myideo.ge in December, 2012, is on the Prague International Festival finalists’ shortlist. Together with Likani the shortlist includes commercial of Mercedes, Heineken, Turkish Airways and other mega brands.

PIAF 2013 final will be held on May 22, 2013. The event will be attended by Likani brand manager Nata Tsereteli, also Nino Datiashvili from Batterfly Ad agency.

“I believe it’s a big success that the commercial of a Georgian mineral water brand is on the finalists’ shortlist, next to the international mega brands. It’s a great achievement for such a young brand like Likani, which appeared on the Georgian market in 2007 and soon turned into everybody’s favorite brand. Advertising history of the brand is always distinguished with creative and innovative approach. We’re the first on the market to come up with comparative advertising technique and we’re first this time as well. We’ve used the latest approach, which is new even on international markets, and the result is obvious. The commercial that we uploaded on myvideo.ge was viewed by 150 thousand people in 12 hours. In 12 hours the commercial was turned into the best successful example of Georgian digital marketing. That’s why we decided to present the ad on the Prague international festival,” declared Nata Tsereteli, Brand Manager of Likani.

Likani commercial was created by Betterfly ad agency. The idea of using the new approach belongs to them. As for the scenario, it was worked out in cooperation with Likani brand manager.

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