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Khevsurian-New Beer by Zedazeni Brewery

Published: April 8, 2013 | 4:29 pm
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(CNA)-Sometimes, seldom though, it’s allowed to drink during work hours, especially when you are tasting Khevsurian beer-a new brand by Zedazeni brewery.

JSC Georgian Beer Company started the presentation of the new beer brand with a traditional beer blessing ceremony by a foreman (Khevisberi).

Based on national traditions, JSC Georgian Beer Company created a new Georgian traditional brand Khevsurian. The company had been cooperating with famous Georgian ethnographers to make this happen; live chroniclers-eldest Khevsurians were enquired.

According to Khatuna Mikatsadze, Public Relations Manager of Zedazeni Brewery, based on the information gathered during more than six months, Georgian Beer Company created an analogue of the traditional beer developed in mountains of Khevsureti for centuries. The main goal was to restore the traditional beer brewing technologies.

Blending of 3 precious species of malt was selected for producing dark, rich in aroma beer Khevsuruli at European standard Zedazeni brewery.

Don’t get surprised if from now on you will see beer for sale wrapped in different design cans. Khevsurian is poured in original, traditional Khevsurian ornament-designed cans.

Despite the agiotage around the companies owned by Tsezar Chocheli, former Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region,  the group continues active development. According to Chocheli, it’s not seizure that influences that negatively on businesses but the public criticism of the businesses by the government. FYI, part of the properties owned by the former Governor of Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, is seized, including Barambo chocolate factory.

However, the ‘sweetest’ Georgian company continues working actively. According to Tako Nibladze, Public Relations Manager of Barambo, the company is not allowed to participate in tenders as its property is seized: “One of the main requirements for participating in tenders is to present a public-juridical document showing no limitations. We cannot do so since our company’s immovable property is seized. Indeed, we have terminated some projects, production volume has also decreased to some extent, however, we do keep working actively. FYI, Barambo has just recently widened its assortment of ice creams. Soon the company will produce fasting ice cream too.

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