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Judges and Prosecutors to have their Salaries increased in 2014

Published: December 11, 2013 | 3:44 pm
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The salaries of managers will not increase in 2014 – the Finance Minister, Nodar Khaduri, made a statement in this regard, while commenting on the information about the planned 25% salary increase for individuals working in budgetary organisations. On the contrary, the salaries of ministers are set to decrease, according to Mr Khaduri.
“Managers will not have their salaries increased. Senior members of the Ministry of Finance will, in fact, see a decrease both in their salaries and in their numbers. For example, if the Finance Minister previously had eight deputies, now he only has three. Moreover, the Finance Minister’s annual salary is now 17-18 000 Lari less than before. The Ministry of Finance is very transparent, while Nodar Khaduri was the first public employee who uploaded his financial declaration on the very first day,” Mr Khaduri stated, adding that the salaries of judges and prosecutors will increase next year.
“Furthermore, let me remind you that in the process of harmonising our relations with the European Union, we committed ourselves to establish several new legal entities of public law, which in turn are working on the development of cooperatives, refining quality, etc. It is therefore only natural that we have introduced appropriate salaries for them. Moreover, we are constructing new customs points. They will be located in Kartsakhi and Lagodekhi, while the one in Larsi is already operating. Naturally, this creates new jobs,” Mr Khaduri remarked.

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