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John McAfee will be released from jail

Published: December 12, 2012 | 10:21 am
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RICH EXPATRIOT former antivirus pioneer John McAfee will be released from jail in Guatemala after a judge ruled that his detention was illegal.
McAfee was arrested in Guatemala after his location was accidentally revealed in a photograph published by a magazine.
A post on his rollercoaster ride of a blog today says “John to be released” and explains what is happening.
“A Guatemalan judge has just ruled that Mr. McAfee was detained illegally. He will be released from detention at the central imigration center in Guatemala City tomorrow morning,” it says.
“It is believed he will be allowed to return to the United States.”
So apparently McAfee will be released today, Thursday, and might return to the US, a wish that he expressed over the weekend.
Regarding the magazine that revealed his whereabouts and his relationship with it, McAfee’s blog said, “Mr. McAfee is terminating his relationship with Vice Magazine. Due to information just received, It is no longer clear to Mr. McAfee that the ‘accidental’ release of his co-ordinates due to Vice Magazine’s editorial department’s failure to remove location data from their now notorious photo, was indeed an accident. This incident led directly to Mr. McAfee’s arrest.”


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